Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fun weekend and 28 weeks!

Jarom got 7 peaks tickets from his work so we decided to go on Saturday with Joanna and Cody! When we got there, (at about 1) there was a sign that said they would be closing at 3:30. We wanted to stay all day, so we saved our tickets for another day and went to the Scera Water Park (just a water park in Orem) We had a lot of fun and it felt SO good to get in the water and feel the weight of this belly lifted! Everyone had fun going down the slides and jumping off diving boards and stuff. I just watched and enjoyed my time in the pool! Jarom was in heaven! He did not want to just sit in the pool. He was loving the slides and doing tricks off the diving board! Just like a little kid. It was fun to watch and I'm glad he was able to have a fun day!

3rd Trimester, here we come! YAHOO!!! We only have 12 more weeks to go! Well, if she's on time, that is. I am 28 weeks and feeling good! A little uncomfortable and hot, but that is to be expected! Still waiting to find out about the Glucose test. Just getting things ready for this baby to come! Trying to get the energy to tackle the nursery. I go in there a couple times a day hoping that it will motivate me to do something. It just overwhelms me and makes me tired so I leave. ha ha One of these days! We just have SO much stuff in there that we don't know what to do with. AH!
She's getting bigger and so is my belly!!

All is well over here and we hope it stays that way! Just trying to enjoy the rest of our summer!



you look great!!! I'm the EXACT same with my nursery. Uhhhhhhh No motivation! Hopefully it gets done before the baby! cute dress! love you!

Erica and Spencer said...

I totally understand the whole nursery=tired thing...We finally got some furniture so I've been trying to make space for it in there but no luck yet...I hope you find the energy! It's crazy how quickly the first 2/3 of the pregnancy went...I'm sure the last 1/3 will go even faster!

Danielle said...

You look SOOOOO CUTE! Love that dress! Love you!

Chad and Jessica said...

Hurrah, you're almost there! You look beautiful...woohee! That dress is gorg! That will look great even when you're not pregnant. I have a few things that I still wear now that i wore when I was preggers.

Jenni said...

The belly pics are SOOOOO cute!! i know I'm gonna freak out when i get there and see how much you've changed! But I can't wait to see you and I'll TOTALLY help with Nursery work :) :)

Love you!!

Jess said...

you look so, so cute, Steph! I love that dress you're wearing. I can't wait to see the nursery stuff you've been working on, too. :D Oh, and I have got to tell you this: Sadie prays for you and Jarom and the baby every night. on her own! She prays that she will be "heafy and trong". It's soo adorable!