Monday, November 14, 2011

Adjusting and grandma comes to visit!

We are slowly adjusting to this new life with our little Evelyn! Adjusting to no sleep, SO many diapers, ALWAYS feeding her, the crying, scheduling, getting to know her and getting used to what she likes and doesn't like. Everything! I swear she thinks i'm starving her! Or at least i'm sure that is what people would think if they heard her hungry cry! Nights are never the same. I can't wait to get her on a schedule! Some nights she will sleep all the way through the night and others, she is up almost every 2 hours! I feed her, change her, rock her and rock her and rock her and finally she falls asleep so I take her back to her bed, climb into my bed and she wakes up again and I have to start ALL OVER! FRUSTRATING! She makes little noises all night long, so that makes it hard to sleep! Luckily she takes a bottle so I can pump and Jarom can feed her sometimes or whatever. It makes our little outings easier, too! But I feel like I am either pumping or nursing all day long! AH! We haven't figured out a schedule yet but I am excited to hopefully figure one out soon. Right now we are still in survival mode. Sleep when I can, eat when I can and take a shower when I can. I keep thinking that I should be able to get more done in a day but Evelyn is taking up most of my time. When she's asleep I have to pick and choose what I want to get done. Should I take a shower? Or eat? Or sleep? Or do the dishes? Or Laundry? I have never felt so exhausted in my life and I can honestly say I have never felt so happy, either! Even though all of those things are hard and it's hard to adjust to this very different life, I wouldn't have it any other way! Even though I can't sleep when she makes all those cute little noises, I love them! I love our little family so much! At night, when Jarom is home, I just soak up all the happiness! I could sit there and look at them all day! We are so blessed to have such a sweet baby in our home!
3 weeks old! She is getting so big and time is flying!! SLOW DOWN!
Just hangin out in Mom and Dad's bed!
Her first duck game! And we WON! Cutest Duck fan EVER!!
This is their favorite thing to do! Cutest little snuggle buddies!

Last week my Mom came to help out and to visit and snuggle her newest grand baby! It was SO nice to have her here! She took Evelyn every night! I pumped bottles for her so she didn't have to wake me up when she was hungry. We slept all the way through the night! What a blessing! We sure enjoyed the much needed sleep! She cooked and cleaned and took care of all 3 of us! We shopped and she spoiled us everywhere we went! She stocked us up on new towels and wash cloth's and grocery's and clothes and Diapers for Evelyn! Seriously, everything! Mom's are the BEST! Especially mine!!! She gave me advice and it was so nice to have her there when I had questions or I was worried about something. It was comforting to have her there all day and night and know that I would always have help! I was starting to feel better and recover so it was nice to be able to go out and have fun with her! Court and Everett also came and spent a couple of nights with us! We stayed up late playing games and laughing and having fun! We also put Evelyn in her blessing dress (the dress I was blessed in that my Mom made) and Courtenay took pictures of her and some with me and my Mom! Since my parents won't be able to make it to the blessing, I wanted my Mom to see her in her dress! So sad she won't be able to be there but at least she got to see her in our special dress! I will post those pictures later. We sure do miss her and are so grateful for all she did for us!Thanks for everything, Mom! I can't wait to have another Baby so we can do it again! Ok, I guess I can wait to have another baby. But I can't wait for Christmas, to see you again! Love you SOOO much!!!
I was HORRIBLE at taking pictures while my Mom was here! We were too busy having fun! These are pretty much the only ones that I got! Love ya Mama!
I love this picture of both of them! SO cute!!
feeding the babe. She eats so much for such a tiny little body!



Hey what bottle are you using? I'm struggling with a bottle top that doesn't poor everythign out. OH MY GOSH I HEAR YA ON EVERYTHING. I have shed so many tears over this babe! It is so hard! I love her to death and wouldn't trade a thing, but man is it hard! The complete sleep deprivation. And the BO, from not showering!!!!! ALWAYS FEEDING! HOUSE A MESS! and the rocking her to sleep, and getting in bed, and then WAAAAAAA, start over again. Your blog was so comforting because I'm feeling all teh same things! Speaking of- maddie needs ot eat! love you!

Danielle said...

You sound JUST like Amy. She's always telling me- I never know what to do when I get a spare, sleep, or shower. hehe. But your right- its gotta be worth it! She is such a doll! I'm so happy for you- love you!

Chad and Jessica said...

You're doing great!!! I can't believe she already has so much DUCK spirit, that outfit is AWESOME! I'm happy you had such great helpers and visitors.

One thing that helped with our routine, was making sure Jet got BIG meals. So, if he fell asleep after a little nursing, I woke him up to keep going. Sometimes, I had to change his diaper to wake him up. But, then he would keep eating for a long time and I'd be glad I did, so he wouldn't be hungry so soon. Anyway, that's what I focused on, and it HELPED!

Burgundy and Trevor said...

Steph- she is sooo cute! Congrats to you and Jarom. Baby girls are soo much fun!!


I just had to respond to your comment. I know I already said this once, but it made me feel so good to read your blog because I'm feelign all the same things! COMPLETE EXHUASTION! Did you know it was going to be this hard? I didn't! Is all I do is nurse, change diapers and try to get her to fall asleep so I can sleep! So nice to know I'm normal! I love reading your blog because it's all the same things I'm going through or feeling! love you!


Oh yeah- and how are you getting her to fit into clothes? Maddie doesn't fit into anything! she's too small! Everything is too big! I wish I had clothes to put her in.

Our Circus said...

Oh yeah! life with a new baby, makes you wanna scream WITH the baby sometimes. Julia nursed every hour for 10 minutes. I felt like that was all I did. Very frustrating. Then Jon said "Hey, your job right now is keeping her alive, relax." Well, with that kind of perspective.....