Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday walk and Headband Holder

So the other day I decided to tackle Evelyn's room! It just had some odds and ends that I had been wanting to clean up for a long time but when I usually get my "chores" done is when she is her room. One of the things that I had wanted to find a solution for since BEFORE she was born (I know, I know! Procrastinator!) was a way to store all of her headbands! I have the CUTEST bow board that my sister made me for my shower but it doesn't hold headbands so they were all in a big mess on her shelf! Not very pretty! So this is what I found:

You can put the extra ones inside if you have any extra. Or you can put the bows inside if you don't have a bow board!

Not my Idea! I am a total idea copier on this one! I found the Idea on Pinterest! It works really well and has totally solved the head band mess! And I had all the supplies to make it already! All you need is a round container, (I used an quick oats container) cute paper and anything else you want to decorate with (it has to be flat because the headbands are going to go around it. I used doily's as well as some cute paper),and some Mod Podge! easy peasy!

The weather here has been crazy! One day it is beautiful spring weather! Warm, sunny, and nice! And then the next day we wake up to SNOW!
I like both so I will take it!
Anyway, today was one of those pretty sunny days so we decided to take a nice walk around the neighborhood after church! Evelyn LOVES walks! She likes new things to look at so we have been taking walks every chance we get!

This is her SUPER cute dress Aunt Jessica made her! We LOVE it and she looks oh so cute in it!! Thanks Jessica!
We are getting over the sickies here and have a healthy household again! Yay! Evelyn is still teething but that's manageable!
She loves this toy! Its really fun to see her learn new things everyday in it! She is gradually learning about all the toys that are on it and she loves it! It's fun to see her use her hands! She is starting some hand/eye coordination and it's hilarious! She has learned to take her Binky out and almost put it back in! She looks at it and knows what to do with it but when it comes to actually putting it in her mouth she has a hard time! Sometimes it will end up on her cheek or nose! Silly girl!
She is ALWAYS trying to stick this turtles head in her mouth! It's so funny! She reaches SO far for it with her mouth wide open stretching her neck so far, her head shakes! Apparently she's not very happy with me for taking this picture (the finger). She is always sucking and chewing on things and I guess that turtle looks pretty tasty!
We are all happy and healthy and well
and We love our little sugar bug!


Danielle said...

Cute headband thing! And cute baby! I'm glad the sickies are gone. Loving your updates! :)


hahah the finger. we are going through the same things at the same time! she is doing the pacifier thing too! taking it out, and trying to put it back in. She also will hold on to it and suck on it like a bottle, if that makes sense? love your headband craft. so glad you guys aren't sick anymore. love you! and- evelyn is a doll!

Jenni said...

LOVE the headband holder! What a cute idea! Looks like a beauty walk! Sorry we couldn't go! I love that Evelyn so very much. She is so precious!