Thursday, March 15, 2012

Newest Addition

Baby Harlow is here!

Harlow Carol Woodmansee was born on March 13.
She is so beautiful and has chubby cheeks and LOTS of beautiful dark hair!
I love that teensy little baby SO much!
These pictures honestly don't do her justice! She is WAY cuter and Prettier in person when you can see all of your cute faces that she makes and hear all those adorable little newborn noises!
Being with her has made me really "newborn" hungry! I know I still have a little baby but just holding a brand new baby is different! So I'm glad she is here to satisfy my "hunger"! Holding her is heavenly!
Seriously! I wish I could stay up there all day long and just snuggle her!
Even if I'm not holding her, I like to look at her and hear those little peeps that she makes! Jenni and Michael seem to be adjusting to life with a new baby really quick! It's really fun to watch them love on her and become new parents!
It's crazy to think that we were just there a couple months ago! It seems like just yesterday that Evelyn was that small and we were going through it all!
Evelyn looks like a GIANT next to her! I have always thought that Evelyn was a little petite but my goodness, she looks BIG next to Harlow!
Jenni is looking awesome! Cute little Mama!
When I was visiting this afternoon, I was holding Harlow and looking at Evelyn and just couldn't hold back the tears! It made me so emotional to think of these little babies together! They have some wonderful adventures ahead of them and I am so happy they have each other like me and Jenni have had each other!
We love you Baby Harlow and we are so glad you are finally here!


Danielle said...

I'm so happy! She is so cute! Yay!!!!!!

Amy McFarlane said...

awww i'm so happy for jenni! and i'm glad that your little girls will have each other :) already best friends i bet!

Jenni said...

Steph that us such a sweet post!!! Thank you so much for taking such great pictures in the hospital because I was kind of slacking! Harlow loves you sooo much! :) And she loves her BFF Evelyn. We are going to be shedding a lot of tears in the coming years as we watch them bond,I feel. Love you SO MUCH and thanks for visiting all the time. I love it! And Harlow loves to see Evelyn!