Wednesday, June 20, 2012


We have had a FABULOUS summer so far!
Even though Jarom has been CRAZY busy with school and work, we have managed to still have a good time! My hard workin man is pretty much working his fingers to the BONE! This is what his schedule consists of : Go to work at 5:30 AM go to school at 9 AM (I think) til about 11, go BACK to work til 5 and then go to school til about 8 PM! LONG days! Evelyn goes to bed at 7 and so he goes days and days without seeing her! I think last week he didn't see her all week! So I kind of feel like a single Mom right now but finals are this week and then we get a little break! Poor Jarom misses Evelyn so much though! And she misses him!! You should see her when he finally gets to play with her!
We have enjoyed this HOT weather by going to seven peaks with Courtenay and Everett every week! The baby's LOVE the splashing!
We are REALLY going to miss them when they leave in September!! :(
We have gone Mini Golfing a couple of times! We really like that!
It's just FUN to get out!
Evelyn is a MOVER! I have to be EXTRA careful about what I leave on the floor! I have caught her putting EVERYTHING in her mouth! She is very attracted to the electrical outlets too, so I guess it's time to start baby proofing! She is getting SO close to crawling but hasn't gotten the hang of it quite yet! She has taken 2-3 "crawling steps" at a time but then she just falls on her belly!
My family reunion is a couple of weeks and I am SO excited! Me and Evelyn will be going back to Oregon with my parents and staying for 10 days and flying back! We are really excited but are REALLY going to miss Jarom! I am a little nervous too because Evelyn has NOT been sleeping well when she is not in her bed so we'll see if we can't break that while we're gone! 
Anyway, we are all doing well and looking forward to fun things this summer! 

One of our favorite Evening activities is to play outside while Daddy does his homework!
She LOVES bath time!! Splash, Splash, Splash!
I love my little buddy!!

Cheering for us while we golf! 
I love spending time with my family!!!
Batting cages!
Always happy in the morning!


Danielle said...

She is SO CUTE! And I can't believe Jarom's schedule! That sucks so bad. I bet you get so tired. But you have such a great attitude! Love you!

Burgundy and Trevor said...

Steph- She is so adorable! I love all of her photos and cute smiles!!

Jenni said...

Well this just makes me really sad that I'm missing out on all this fun and action! Evelyn is just so beautiful. I just love her so much and I hate missing all of her big changes. I cannot WAIT for you guys to get here so she can show me all of her new tricks!! Harlow misses her BFF SO SO bad! Also, you need to help me make some headbands, I can't get motivated. SO that's a goal while you're here. Love the post! Props to Jarom, Michael and I admire him so much for how hard he works to support you and Evelyn. We love you Jarom! Wish you could come visit too!!

Emily said...

Yea you handle Jarom being gone so much WAY better than i would. Bet he's excited to have a break from school.

That picture of you two is super cute! She's such a doll.

I want to go to 7 peaks!