Monday, June 4, 2012


Quick update! It's been a little crazy over here the past couple of days so I will post more later! I also need to do Evelyn's 7 month video! That will have to wait for later!

Jarom got me this video baby monitor for Mother's Day! It's AWESOME!! I LOVE it!!
And this little stinker LOVES to sit up in bed and play with her bear! I had NO idea how much she just quietly plays in her bed! It's pretty fun to watch!

She's thinking REALLY hard about crawling! She has just started to rock and it's SO CUTE!!! Exciting as it is, I am in NO hurry for her to crawl!
Sick baby! :( My oh my have we had a rough couple of days! FIRST she got REALLY constipated (my fault! I fed her too much cereal (I think)) Anyway, the poor thing was hurting so bad! She kept pooping these little tiny pellets and her bum was really sore! She would push SO hard to get those little poops out that she would throw up! Not just spit up, THROW UP! :( So I called the Doctor and they gave us some advice on what to do. In case your baby/child is ever constipated and you don't know what to do, let me tell you! Here are all the suggestions that the Doctor gave us: Sitz bath-put her in the tub with 1 tsp of baking soda and let her sit in it until she poops (in the tub)
Stick a lubricated Q-tip up her bum (Just the white part of the Q-tip) to help get things started.
Put 1 tsp of DARK Karo syrup in her bottle once a day until she becomes regular.
Give her diluted Apple of Pear juice.
Prunes, peaches, pears! Give her the 3 "P's"
and last but NOT least, SUPPOSITORY!
You better believe we tried ALL of those and then we tried a PediaLax suppository and BOOM! Within ONE minute, she was pooping and hasn't stopped since!! HALLELUJAH!
We should have just done that in the first place! SO-we got that under control and while that was going on, she's teething (she has 3 teeth, working on 2 more), her nose is running NON stop, she has a horrible cough, fever, and now a really bad Diaper rash that makes her VERY grumpy and sad! She screams when we even TOUCH her bum (with a diaper on and even WORSE without a diaper! Don't even get me started on trying to wipe her!) so we have to be very careful and gentle when we hold her! She won't even sit down!
THEN-as if that wasn't enough! She wasn't peeing! She hadn't had a wet diaper since SATURDAY! So that was worrying me but I just kept trying to feed her (She didn't want to eat ANYTHING) but she was SUPER fussy and so I called the Doctor (Again) and they said to bring her in right away! I asked if we could wait until 4 (when Jarom could come home in between work and school) and she said she can't wait that long! If she is dehydrated then she needs to be hospitalized right away! I instantly started worrying and crying (I woke up this morning SICK! So I was extra emotional) I called Jarom and he rushed home and we took her in! They said that she had a really bad sore throat which is probably why she didn't want to eat but her mouth was wet and she had tears so they weren't worried too much and told us to watch for that and sent us on our way! PHEW! She is on the up and up now! (almost) back to her normal self! Besides the Diaper rash! Poor baby!! As for me, I am sick, sick, sick! It's been a hard day! No slowing down for us! Jarom can't miss any work OR school so it's been a rough day to say the least! LUCKILY Evelyn has taken some good naps today and so I've been able to rest while she does!
Did I say this was going to be a quick update? Oh well!
Everett LOVES Evelyn! It's so much fun! He is so sweet to her and calls for her if he can't see her! It's so sweet! We have enjoyed spending time with him and Courtenay once a week to go to seven peaks! So much fun!
Evelyn is STILL cute! and getting cuter every second!! I could smooch her face right off!
PRUNES! This is day ONE of constipation and she LOVED the prunes! Too bad it didn't really help her!
My hard workin' Man! Poor guy fell asleep doing his Homework one night! He's working SO hard! So thankful for him! Only 18 more days until this semester is over! Yes, we are counting down!
We went on a fun double date with Joanna and Cody! We went to dinner and then to Trafalga (A family fun center) to play Mini Golf! We had a lot of fun! We will definitely go back!

That's all for today! More updates later! Evelyn is doing lots of fun new things!



oh stephy i'm so sorry. That is awful! All that sickness- AND teething- AND rash-AND constipated oh my goodness- I am so sorry, it sounds like a living hell. I'm so glad things are looking up. Maddie started crawling yesterday!!!!! She's not a pro ofcourse, she kind of crawls with one leg, and drags the other- haha- but she's doing it! It makes her tired, so she poops out after a little bit, so she's not moving around the whole house or anything, but she can now move from point A to point B! Maddie still has no teeth! Evelyn has so many! love you-


oh and the baby video monitor- so funny! We want one just because we think it'd be funny to watch her and see what seh does in there. haha. I feel like we would just laugh our heads off seeing what she's up to, especially when she's supposed to be sleeping! haha- how funny.