Tuesday, February 12, 2008

*Eating Brownies in the Snow*

So last night was an eventful night in the red brick house. I was downstairs minding my own business when all of a sudden i smell an overwhelming scent of nastiness!!! I go upstairs and my roommate, Vicki, had put out a big sheet and was spray painting shirts....SPRAY PAINTING IN OUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah but she justified herself by opening the windows and doors....when it was 17 degrees outside!!! So our house was stinky and cold! Dallin came over and we made some brownies but it was hard to eat them in the house when it was smelling like poo....we didn't want our brownies to taste like poo so yup, you guessed it. We took our brownie party outside! it was REALLY cold but the brownies were delish! you can see in the background all the snow we have. that was right outside of my house...its cold!


Courtenay Beth said...

I totally would have done the same thing...ANY sacrifice to preserve the taste and smell of a chocolate product is absolutely worth every measure! FREAK that's a TON of snow, and Mr Dallin is a cutie, I'm so glad you guys are freinds :)
Oh yeah, and what the crap was your roommate doing spray painting shirts in the first place, I mean I can see puffy paint... :)....All I can say is they better look good! Maybe she wanted to get high! J/k what a terrible thing to say!

Well sis, I love you OOOHHH AND we love dour Troy and Gabriella Valentines! They're on the fridge! Thanks for thinkin of us!
Love you SIST!

Emily said...

I need details...who is this boy?

Oh yea, and way cool to eat brownies outside. Sounds SO GOOD RIGHT NOW! Well, minus the snow part.

LeAnn/Mom said...

Paint does not smell like POO and POO does not smell like paint. I guess when you are MOM you will totally be able to tell the diff> ( I hope so anyway)
I love you and you look do cute and I miss you a ton!

Danielle and Clayton said...

You are so funny. I laughed out loud when I read, "...when all of a sudden i smell an overwhelming scent of nastiness!" You are so beautiful. I totally want to hear details on dallin. It appears you two are spending quite a bit of time together! I really really want to get together with you and Jenni soon. I am all by myself from 6 to 10 m-f. I'm sure we can find a time! I love you!!!


Who is dallin???????????? Start talkin- I love you!!! my email is squantogirl@hotmail.com, I know I know, squantogirl. love you!


by the way- he's hot-

Jenni.Jolley said...

hahaha, you're mom is so funny! her comment made me giggle. i want the world to know that i really like dallin!!! so keep up the good work steph ;)

I love you so much! i'm sorry that your roommate sprays paint in the house, usually only drug addicts do that, but whatever floats your boat.

i love you and i want you to live with me.

you are my bestest friend.

Amanda said...

Hey Steffie!!!! I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOVE my haircut! You are fabulous, and I'm telling everybody who cut it! (You should maybe do this for a living...:D)Love your blog too...so cute, and I love Aunt LeAnn too! (who wouldn't???)Tell her she needs to post some new stuff!