Saturday, February 9, 2008

*Princess Days*

Well today was a GREAT day at school!!!! Just my kind of day! So our school is doing a TON of fund raisers for a lot of different organizations. Our school is trying to raise $30,000 This year and so we are doing a lot of things to help and one of the fund raisers was a fun little thing called "Princess Days" and oh my goodness it was great! i signed up to help because well its just what i love to do. Anyway, my good friend Julianne was in chrage of it and holy cow she did such a WONDERFUL job! No one could have done it better! She is so incredible! Everything she did was so worth it to see the happiest little girls in Rexburg! So we did thier hair and nails and make up and all the fun girly stuff and a lot of them wore their princess outfits. Just imagine the cutest thing ever and that's what it was! it was so great!!! We did that until about 2:30. Then to top it all of and make it an even better day, When i got done i got an appointment and i was like UGH i'm so tired and i looked on the ticket and it said Amanda Taylor and i just lit up and was SO happy!!! I told everyone "Its my cousin!" i was just so excited!!!! She looked beautiful and it was SO much fun to catch up with her! Its SO great for me to have family here to support me! it makes everything so much easier and more enjoyable! So man it was just a fun day! These are a couple of pictures just so you get the idea of how the day was. i'm not in a lot of them but i just want you to see how dang cute it was!

This is a Castle that one of the girls from school made out of cardboard!!! She did such a great job! it was perfect. It was right in the entry so that the girls could walk through it.

This is the Make-up and Nails room. Pictures don't do it justice. it was SO adorable!

This is Sleeping Beauty and Cindarella...they looked so beautiful!

And this is Julianne...the maker of it all! she did a great job!


Emily said...

That is such a good idea! I bet those little girls were in HEAVEN! I'm glad you got to be involved in that! I'm also glad that you have good friends there...I"m so happy for you!

You are a princess!!

Courtenay Beth said...

oh my goodness, what a dream come true! that sounds like so so much fun, i would have killed to do that! you know I would!!! You are so beautiful sist and I am so proud of you! i bet all th girls were so excited to get all done up, that's the BEST fund raiser idea, I hope it was successful! :) Well, I love your guts, right now you're probably viewing the temple dedication, and I am so jealous! I love your guts you are so so beautiful...did I already say that? Ummmmm LOVE YOU!

Carol and Bruce said...

Steph, that is awesome! What a fun way to raise money. You look so much like Court with your hair that way! I'm so happy you are having a great time there.

Jenni.Jolley said...

man steph, i can't fweaking believe i still haven't been to your school. I want to sooo bad!! that looks so fun. you guys do the coolest stuff there!!!

love you mall