Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July fun

We had a fun 4th of july! Our day started out by going to Morgan Hill for the parade! It was actually really lame and we left early. There were a couple of good floats i guess but the majority of it was so lame! Then we went to the ward picnic. That was fun! Yummy food and good conversation! THen we went to get fireworks and came home. .I took a nap for a little bit while Jarom researched some bikes. He is looking at a bunch of different ones. I think he might order one tonight! Very exciting! THen we had a BBQ with the Lances and friends and watched some sweet fireworks! Gotta love the 4th! I think its my favorite holiday other than Christmas! P.S. Jarom also got me some new capris and i wore them on the 4th of july! he's very proud of them and i love them! super cute and they fit just great!!
I was reading the fireworks box and fell asleep. Jarom thought it was pretty funny. I had my High School Musical bear in one hand and my fireworks in the other.
Ha ha ha this was his entertainment of the night. Pretty sexy, I guess
Pile of girls
Everybody watching the fireworks!

Yummy patriotic muffins we made and ate for breakfast before the parade.
At the parade :)


Emily said...

Mmm, those patriotic muffins look yummy! Glad you had a good day, that pic of you sleeping with fireworks is awesome.

Jenni said...

Well, Mall... It's good to know you are just as beautiful as ever :) The 4th sure isn't the same without you though! I mean, it rocks of course, but I missed you! I'm glad they're taking care of you over there though... That's good news.

Did you even get candy at the parade???

Love you!