Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New calling and Jarom's new bike

On sunday i got a new calling! What is it? You guessed it...i'm in the NURSERY! So for a couple of weeks i have been "subbing" in there because the real nursery lady got called to Young Women's. The first week i'm in there, a little kid THROWS UP!!! OH GREAT!! If you don't know, i'm DEATHLY afraid of throw up! UGH! So when i got called to work in the nursery, of course that is a concern but last week there was NO throw up! Hopefully that was just a one time thing!
Jarom got a new bike! For months He has wanted to get one but especially since we brought mine home from my parents house. He researched and researched and researched and finally found one that had good components, the price was good, and some other things that i don't really know about because really, i don't know anything about bikes! except the wheels and the pedals and handle bars! So we have had a lot of fun going on bike rides together!! Here he is before our bike ride last night.


Joy Boggess said...

stephanie you are so lucky you got called into the nursury!!! those little kids are so entertaining and cute! sorry about the puke tho! that stinks. i cried when they released me from the nursury! have fun!


Stephanie, ofcourse you are in nursery. Babies love you! The bike looks cool! love you- and when are you coming for the wedding?

Rory and Jess said...

fun stuff! Jarom LOVES his bike, doesn't he? Rory too. I don't get it. We should go on a bike ride sometime!