Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's about time!

I'm FINALLY blogging about our "2nd Honeymoon-ish" Vacation! I won't write much because i have LOTS of pictures and those are MUCH more fun. 
It was a BLAST! Jarom took me to 2 of my very favorite places! what more could I ask for? We started our trip at DISNEYLAND! We had so much fun together! It was nice to just be together and go on whatever rides we wanted, whenever we wanted. The only Disappointment was that the Indiana Jones ride was ALWAYS closed because it kept breaking down! UGH! So annoying! oh well, we'll catch in next time! :) We were in Disneyland from saturday til tuesday. 

Wednesday morning, we drove to Utah to stay at Ben's for the night. The next morning, we packed up again and took his kids, picked court up and met Amy and the kids and we all drove to Givens Hot Springs in Idaho for our Family reunion! That was so much fun! We went swimming, ate lots of food, went to silver city, ate more food, went swimming some more, went on a wagon ride, sang around the camp fire, ate some more food and swam some more! But i think my favorite part was just hangin out with my family and talking and laughing!! I was looking forward to that the most i think! Jarom also got initiated into the Barrus Family (My moms side of the family)! He was such a good sport! There are LOTS of pictures so ENJOY! :)

This kids LOVE to play with Uncle Jarom
Wagon Ride! We really missed Uncle Denny!
Talent Show. Don't we all look pretty?

Pretty ladies!
Gettin in some quality time with Ruthie
Silver City, Idaho
Part of the family that showed up this year. Not quite all of them but a pretty good sized group showed up this year!
Me and Oliver!
aren't they cute? My favorite men!

The initiation! What a good sport! hahahah


Courtenay Beth said...

CUTEST post ever, i especially love the pic of you and Ollie, so scrumptious! I need to kiss his cheekies s'bad!!! LOVE YOU!!!

LeAnn said...

Good Job Steph--I had such a good time at the reunion, it was great.I loved the pic of the initiation that is a hoot! Disneyland looked like tons of fun too. You guys are so LUCKY!!!


Um I just love that last picture- I would be really afraid of a mitchell initiation. All the pictures are so cute! I love teh one of you and court and your mom, your mom looks like a sister in that pic. You and Jarom seriously are really cute together, your kids are going to be gorgeous. Loved all of it. love you. and thankyou for your prayers, and comments, and words.