Monday, May 21, 2012

Fun weekend!

 Joanna and Cody invited us to his Family's cabin over the weekend!

 We were really excited for a nice little get-away!
We made some new friends and Evelyn found herself a new little boyfriend, Max!
He is one month older than her so they had fun playing together. (When Evelyn wasn't crying!)
It started out GREAT! First up, Camp fire with S'mores and fun stories!
This was Evelyn's first camp fire! She loved it! She wouldn't stop staring at the flames! 
 That night was HORRIBLE!
Evelyn's worst night of her WHOLE LIFE! Seriously! 
She was up pretty much ALL. NIGHT. LONG! CRYING! UGH!
I felt so bad! I was afraid we were keeping the whole house up! YIKES! 
But the poor little baby was so, so sad! It made me sad! And a wee bit frustrated!
She was getting 3 teeth! 
And I think maybe she had a little bit of gas because she kept tooting! 
Anyway, we had a horrible night but the next day was a lot of fun!
 I was horrible at remembering to bring my camera with me and take pictures so we didn't get any pictures of any of our adventures but trust me, it was fun! 
Cody took some people out on the boat while the Mama's stayed with the sleeping babies and chatted and enjoyed the warm weather! I loved it! I could chat all day I think!
Then we went on a little hike/walk! That was fun! 
Joanna and Cody made us all a delicious dinner and then we put the babies down for bed!
Well, Max went to sleep at least! Evelyn, not so much!
She screamed all night long! So finally we just decided to call it a trip and pack up and go home early!
We stayed for the camp fire and then headed home at about 10:30. I was sad to leave early but Evelyn fell asleep almost the second we started driving and she slept pretty good that night! So it was good that we all got some MUCH needed sleep! 
One of her teeth broke through that night so I think it gave her a little bit of relief! PHEW!
So, Even though poor Evelyn made the trip a little less desirable, we still had a lot of fun hanging out, playing games, eating yummy food and laughing!
Little Buddies!
 Thanks for the fun Joanna and Cody! 



you have an extremely good attitude. That kind of stuff gets me so grouchy. Last night Maddie kept waking up and I swore! ha- not at her- but I heard her start crying in the monitor and I turned to Mike and said "DAMMIT!" I was getting up all night long! You seem REALLY patient and positive. You are a trooper for doing that trip with her. traveling is so hard with babies. We have a reunion coming up in July and I'm hoping so much Maddie will sleep for us! I don't know why they have such a hard time at other places. I can't bleieve she has so much teeth! Maddie doesn't have ANY. I feel like that's the only difference between them- ha! I wish so much we lived by eachother so we could just eat cookies and play all day. You and Jenni are so lucky to have eachother. love you!

Danielle said...

hha oh man...poor baby! And poor you guys! You definitely are a trooper and very positive. I'm glad you were able to have some fun still :) Love you!

Jenni said...

OH my gosh that seriously breaks my heart. Poor Evelyn!! I hate when she is uncomfortable! Harlow had her shots today so I know how ya feel! :( You guys are awesome for braving the trip anyway. And it looks like a fun time, it's just so hard to function on no sleep. So you go girl! I miss you guys so so so so sos so sooooo much! Love you!

Joanna Barker said...

Thanks for coming!!! We had so much fun with you guys! I'm glad Evelyn (and you guys!!!) finally got some sleep!

Josh and Lauren said...

Sounds like fun! Minus the teething part...why does it have to hurt so bad for them?! I loved your comment, "I think I could chat all day!" HAHA!