Wednesday, February 27, 2013


We didn't do much in January! Just played in the snow a couple of times so that's what most of these pictures are from!

 . ,We went sledding. Evelyn wasn't the biggest fan. She was also pretty sick so I feel bad now, for taking her!

 We celebrated New Years with the Woodmansee's playing games and eating lots of yummy food!

And being really silly!

And then Jarom and Evelyn got really sick! :( I'm glad that's over! 


Danielle said...

So Cute! All of it! haha I love your silly pics! And you and Jenni are so cute with your colored pants! Love you!!!

Jenni said...

Bahahahahaaa I LOVE the silly pics!!! I've been waiting to see those!!!! I especially love the pictures of my snow princess, Evelyn :)