Thursday, February 21, 2013


We had a wonderfully, busy holiday season! After Jarom finished up the semester we had one week to pack in as much Christmas-y activities as we could before we headed off to California for Christmas with Jarom's family!
The day that we left for California Evelyn started to get sick! OF COURSE!! Poor baby! 
So we didn't enjoy ourselves as much as we would have liked to while we were there with a sick baby and all but we still had fun!

 My Dad recorded himself reading this book! It was so cool and I loved hearing my Daddy all the time! Evelyn LOVED it! I tried to keep it up where she couldn't reach it because I didn't want her to push the "reset" button and lose my Dad's recording. But somehow, she always figured out how to get it and listen to it! PRECIOUS!
 We went on the polar express train ride with some friends! FUN!
 First time on Santa's lap! Not a huge fan as you can see!! Haha

 First piggy tails!

 We went to see the lights on Temple Square! One of our favorite Christmas traditions! Awesome pic, huh? Ha!
 Just goin to get the mail with Mama in the snow!
 This is what she does any time I pull out the camera or my phone! Little cheeser!

 Gift exchange night with the Woodmansee's! Look at that CUTE sign Jenni made for Evelyn! I love it!
 Jenni got me those cute jammies with a basket FULL of other goodies! So thoughtful! I loved it all!
 Looking at Christmas lights
 She learned this trick but she doesn't do it very much any more! She has since learned new tricks and likes them better! Lol but this one was any time we would say "where's...?" she would do this "I dunno!" 
 Doing ANYTHING these days is IMPOSSIBLE with this girl! She's always getting in to things and undoing folded laundry or piles that I have made or taking dishes out of the dishwasher while I load them. Curious little girl! Good thing she's so cute!
 Christmas at the Lance's. This is our graham cracker house making party! Fun times!
 Poor Evie was so sick and I think this is the only picture that I got of her on Christmas Eve in her Christmas dress. Poor thing kept running in to EVERYTHING so she always had red spots on her head, snot running all over her face and her eyes were constantly running! :( Not the best Christmas for my girl!
 She was up in the night coughing and not feeling well but you would never be able to tell with this cute smile! What a trooper!
She did this all on her own! Sat on Sadie's lap! Haha goofball! Cousin love!

 Lots of sick baby snuggles!
 I got SPOILED this Christmas with this fancy camera!! I LOVE it!! I need to learn more about it and all the things that it can do but I have loved playing with it so far!!
 Evelyn got this giant giraffe! She likes to sit on his lap! 

 Lots of snuggles with our new niece, Ava!

Back home, shoppin with my bestie! Love these girls!


Kelly and Tyler said...

i got a rebel too. i know alot so if you have any questions about shooting in manuel let me know!!!

Kelly and Tyler said...

i got a rebel too. i know alot so if you have any questions about shooting in manuel let me know!!!

Danielle said...

Cute pics! Sounds like a full holiday season!!!! Love you!

Jenni said...

Loved this post! That all feels so long ago, it's weird! I especially love that pic of you giving Evie a smooch on the cheek. SO CUTE! I just smiled bigger and bigger with each picture of that beauty. Love her!