Thursday, February 14, 2013

Picture update...starting in NOVEMBER!

I know, I know!
 November was like 3 months ago.
 I'm bad!
  But I was going through the pictures on my phone and realized I hadn't posted any of them! So here we go. I am attempting to catch up a little bit! 

Playing in the leaves is so much FUN!

This is our primary class! We love them and so does Evelyn! They love her too, a little too much! They have a hard time paying attention with her around! There were a couple of them missing that day so our class is usually bigger!
 Her two favorite buddies! This is what she does when I vacuum! Sometimes she'll get down and chase the vacuum now!
 We stayed home for Thanksgiving this year and we LOVED it! It was so nice and relaxing! In fact, we can't wait to do it again next year! Or this year, I guess it is now! We cooked our first Turkey, too! It was so yummy and WAY easier than I thought it would be! For some reason  the thought of cooking a turkey scared me! 

 working up an appetite outside before the big feast!
 Proud Turkey Roasters!
We had Jarom's sister Janae over too! It was fun!
First horsey ride on Daddy!
We kicked off the Holiday season by going on a date with some of our friends at the Riverwoods! 

 We recently took away the binky! She was a little obsessed, if you can't tell so it was a little harder than I thought! But she's binky free now! Woo Hoo!!
 This Christmas nativity toy was her favorite! We were sad to put it away!
 She was so gentle with the tree! She was very interested in it but would never take anything off! Just poke at the ornaments and say "pitty" (Pretty)

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Lanette said...

Evelyn is so adorable! And kudos to you on getting rid of the binky. I'm such a wimp with that, I keep chickening out. What a fun update, you have a beauitful family! And I love how Evelyn says "pretty," that's too cute!