Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Best buddies (LOTS of pics)

I know some of these are duplicates from last post but I took some cute pics of Evelyn and Harlow that I wanted to post and I didn't want to sort through them! 

This is Evelyn's friend Zoe, teaching her how to eat the snow!


Chad Durfee said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!! Those are the cutest pics ever. Such beautiful adorable girls. It's amazing how you both had girls so close to each other in age! PARTY!!! They are going to cherish those when they grow up.

Courtenay said...

okay, so cute, love them all, and can I just say, Evelyn seriously rocks a beanie. She is simply irresistible...MISS YOU GUYS! SOOOOOOOOOOOO BAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenni said...

I love these snow angels ;) :)