Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Ok so the whole roomie situation is kind of already driving me crazy which totally stinks because i have to deal with it for a while longer. i feel like such a dumbie to complain about it, knowing that some people have had rommates for like a long time but seriously its mad!! i think that my situation might be a little different! I don't want to gossip but its a very interesting situation! if you want to know ill tell ya later! Anyway i have a couple pictures of them. none of the crazy ones really. they are all just sweet spirits! I LOVE Vikki


..l.a.u.r.e.n.. said...

OKAY, you and Jenni are so much alike but different...and I LOVE it. and I'm pretty sure I know about the drama?? OR is this a different roomie??

AND talk about being blog happy! Go girl!!!! haha. I'll probably post again soon!!!!

HURRAY for being blogger friends! hahaha.

Jenni.Jolley said...

oh my gosh AMEN to crazy roommates. I feel ya girl allllll the way!!!!!!!

someday we'll just move in together and it will be complete BLISS!!!!!!!!!!!!