Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Emily said...

Rock on Steph...when you blog, you REALLY blog! That's how it should be! Oh man, roommies are the bomb, I'm so glad you have sweet spirit ones...that makes it even better. Umm...did you ever meet Miranda? Ask Jenni about her. that Aspen street???? Make me homesick!!

Lanette said...

OK Stephanie,

1.) You two are SUCH a cute couple
2.) I am SO excited for you to be at school in Idaho!
3.) I also love the manikin (sp?) head picture, haha =)
4.) Yay that you got a blog!!! You are so cute.

AMY AND MIKEY: said...

OK- so I just read your whole blog. Where do I begin! First of all I'm so glad you are blogging, now I can know how you and Jenni are, and what you are up to. OK- so the maniqins- hahahahahha- I LOVE IT! I should post my picture- that is so funny- because I made bodies out of my heads also- we would play tricks on people- like put the heads in the fridge- so you'd open it- and a head would be staring at you- or in someone's bed- facing the other way like someone is sleeping in your bed- we did so many tricks- and when we were done with the doll heads- I put a knife in one of the heads and hung it for halloween- people thought I was kinda crazy for doing that but I thought it was funny. I laughed so much with your body, and the heads- I love it! OK- I also love your kit- that is the EXACT same kit I had. exactly. it's so funny. and the black- hahaha- do people say "why do you wear black all the time? why are all the beauty school girls gothic?" That's awesome you get to wear color once a week- your beauty school sounds so much better. I totally know what you mean about the girls- I really felt out of place there- I think that's one of the main reasons I quit- but I also didn't enjoy it like you. But- I didn't have girfriends- and I felt acquard. I'm so glad you have made your friends and have stuck it through. Remember what I said? How the first month sucks- and you want to quit- but just stick it through- I'm so glad you did, because you are so good at hair and so talented, and so cute- you already are good at hair- and you hadn't started school yet- you are going to be such a good hair-stylest and I'm not joking or trying to make you feel good about yourself- I'm telling the truth! OK- so next subject- holy cow stephanie you are so beautiful. You make me feel so ugly. You and Jenni are so cute and trendy adn dressed up all the time, even in your pj pics you guys are cute- I have turned into such a slob since marriage, I need to get it back! Even when I try though, I don't look like you guys- it's like I've lost the touch. You guys are so beautiful! OK next subject- it looks like you are having so much fun, and I am sooo happy for you. I am so glad you moved to Idaho and are with Jenni, and are doing well. Isn't college fun?! You look like you are having so many fun experiences and memories, I'm just so happy for you! I love you- and I know you will continue to do great with everything in your life. I'm glad you're happy that I'm working at Jo-anns. hehehe- aren't the new shirts awesome?! I love you!

Jeff Saxman said...

Hi Baby!! I love you so so much and i miss your guts!!!!! Half of those pictures are cute... my ha;f is not so much!!:) I'm so happy i finally made it onto your blog spot! i was ticked when i first saw i wasn't!!! Anyways honey i love you forever and i will write you some more later!! I love you doll;)!!