Tuesday, October 16, 2007

School School School...BEST place ever!!!

Ok so i am basically attending the BEST school ever right now! PAUL MITCHELL Beauty School all the way! it's seriously the best! I have so much fun. I do things that i love all day long! who wouldn't love manicures and pedicures and cutting hair? ok well maybe its not for everyone but i have found my calling! haha I admit at first i had a hard time-though i didn't want to tell anyone because i knew that that would blow over and i would love it- I just came to the conclusion that i don't make girlfriends very easily. Maybe i'm just not a girly girly or something. I can't really put my finger on it. They, or i should say we, are just too complicated. But don't worry for a second, i have now made some new friends. One more week til i get to be on the floor, cutting real people's hair-no more manaquins for me. I did have fun playing with them though.I mean really i got this sweet beauty kit with all of these cool hair things and i'm just in heaven. And who says beauty school is for dumbies? Well i have heard that on multiple occasions but i beg to differ. Some of the things we learn are hard! But so much fun at the same time!!! I am having such a positive experience. This school is seriously like feel good school! They teach us all kinds of positive affirmations to make you feel like the best person alive! We have this book called "Be Nice or Else" I honestly think that everyone needs to read this book! it has such great advice and will change your life in so many ways! Sometimes i like it use it as counseling, its that good! Basically i love school so much


Jenni.Jolley said...

i just cannot even express in words how happy I am that you are so happy! seriously- it brings me soooo much happiness to know you're so happy.

bless that paul mitchell hair school. everyone should go there for self esteem! I know it's awesome dude!!!

i totally trust you with my hair any time you want to experimentttt guuuurllllll.

and i won't copy you and go there, mwahaha i swear! AND beauty school girls aren't dumb... DOIIIII they're smart!!

i love love love you!

Danielle and Clayton said...

oh my gosh steph, first I have to start by saying that that picture of you and the manican heads made me laugh SO much! I couldn't stop giggling! You are so silly and I love it. Okay. NOW- I am SOOOO happy you're blogging! You should totally comment on my blog, because I am going to be commenting on yours. I'm so happy you are so happy. That makes me very happy. As jenni said, experiment on my hair whenever you want. In fact, I have been wanting a cut BADLY. Some sort of change. Think about a cute style that you think would look good on me and then decide if you want to do it. How much does it cost to get a hair cut at paul mitchell? And how much is a normal tip? I don't want to stiff you. Anyway, I love you!!! I keep saying this to jenni but life is so crazy...but WE NEED TO GET TOGETHER! I love you!!!

Danielle and Clayton said...

Oh yeah, you are sooo pretty stephanie. I really hope you know that.

rose, aaron, gavin & hayden said...

ok first of all your manican head is CREEPY!!! very halloween. but you are still gorgeous! and i'm so happy you are on here! it sounds like you guys are having a great time up there. and when do you study? so you will TOTALLY have to visit emily in vegas with jenni, i will come over too. i miss you cute girls!
tell your family hi for me! and tell court to get a dang blog already! she's married now so she HAS to! love you!

Meg535 said...

Hey, I have a question. I'm looking into going to Paul Mitchell in Rexburg, Idaho. How much does it cost? Email me. mp6190@hotmail.com. My name is Megan

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